My Story

Hi!! I'm Brenda, Welcome to Larkspur Lane Soaps & Sundries,


I am a wife, mother, animal lover and small town entrepreneur.  My whole life I did everything natural. From canning foods to raising my own beef to milking my own goats for my family.  I enjoy the time doing these things knowing I am keeping my family out of the way of harmful products. I have always wanted to use my goat's milk to make soaps.  I started experimenting with different natural ingredients and creating formulas for various soaps and lotions. I fell in love!!   


In 2019 that hobby became a business and Larkspur Lane Soaps & Sundries was born.  Today, I work as a full-time soap maker and small business owner.

I use my own formulations and make everything by hand myself.  I use high-quality natural ingredients such as pure essential oils, natural clays and plant-based colorants. All my products are palm-oil free, as sustainability is at the heart of my business.


My plant based goodness goes beyond a bar of soap. From Bath Bombs to Salt Scrubs, Body Creams to Body Lotions, Face Cleansers to Face Serums, my products let you put the best ingredients on your skin everyday.

My mission is to formulate products that become must have, can't live with out favorites, that are natural, smell amazing and really work. 

So from my hands to your skin, welcome to the Larkspur Lane Soaps & Sundries family!

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