My Story

Hi! I'm Brenda,

     As a wife, mother, animal lover and small town entrepreneur who's whole life has been spent doing everything natural from canning foods to raising my own beef or milking goats for our family - it brings me great joy in knowing we are keeping ourselves out of the way of harmful products.

     My soap making journey began in 2019 when I realized the joy of crafting and discovered my talent for creating handmade soaps. Today, Larkspur Lane Soaps & Sundries is a 100% natural business that specializes in palm-free products made with high quality ingredients such as pure essential oils and plant based colorants. I use only sustainable methods to create beautiful goods from scratch because sustainability is at its heart!

     My plant based goodness goes beyond a bar of soap. From Bath Bombs to Salt Scrubs, Body Creams to Body Lotions, Face Cleansers to Face Serums - my products let you put the best ingredients on your skin everyday! I’ve formulated these must-have favorites with natural and sustainable ingredients that work wonders for our bodies. You can feel good about what you're putting on yourself because I am committed to using only clean formulas which means no fillers like parabens & sulfates...and they smell amazing too!

     So from my hands to your skin, welcome to the Larkspur Lane Soaps & Sundries family!



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